Be a better chef

Whether you are just starting out, or are at the peak of your career, there’s always more you can do to become a better chef.

Some tips may seem basic, but master the basics and you can focus on the creative.

Chef plating up food

Stay organised

Before you begin cooking, make sure everything is in place; prepped, peeled and ready to go. There’s nothing worse than being half way through cooking a meal and realising you don’t have the ingredients you need.

Clean as you go

To help keep things organised and moving, make sure you clean up your workspace along the way, otherwise, you'll find everything dirty, disorganised and in the way.

Don’t forget the power of the palette

Make sure to taste your food throughout the cooking process. Your palette is your best tool, so use it. It can save you from disaster.


Your communication with your team needs to be strong, constant and consistent. The kitchen is a very fast paced, crowded environment with many elements that can prove dangerous if not used properly. Avoid any mistakes, mishaps and injuries and increase speed by communicating with your team constantly so everyone is always aware of what’s going on. Good communication also creates a better working environment for your team.


Recipes and ideas are everywhere!
Never stop trying out new recipes and techniques in your own time. It will help you when it’s time to create your own menu, or if employers want to know your special dish. It is always great to have some unique, perfected recipes under your belt to be able to whip out and impress anyone that may come your way.

Cook the dishes you love

Your dishes represent you as a chef. Don’t have anything on the menu that you wouldn’t love to order yourself. If you’re just starting out as a chef, you won’t have much input into what you’re serving, however, when developing your own menu or maybe opening your own restaurant, make sure the menu reflects recipes that you love.

Test your skills

Investigate taking part in competitions that will challenge you as a chef.  Consider taking part in Chef of the Year.


Stay in touch with other chefs and friends. How are they getting ahead? What do they love about their work? What dishes are working on their menu and why?
Consider attending events such as the Chef Success Workshop.

Love your work 

It will shine through in your cooking.