Food safety

In times of Covid-19, food safety is more important than ever. 

Dirty conditions in the public areas of a shop or restaurant can be a clue that things may be worse in the kitchen or behind the scenes where customers don’t go.

Customers may be doing a mental check, even if it is subconscious. Here are some of the things that they may be looking at when thinking of eating a café or restaurant, or for buying take-away:

  • Is the shop or restaurant generally clean?
  • Are staff members using a clean cloth to wipe surfaces?
  • Are uniforms spotlessly clean? Front of house as well as back of house are both important.
  • Are raw and cooked foods well separated?
  • And of course, are the toilets clean?
  • Do you have hand sanitiser available for customer use at the entrance to your business?

Food Safety Supervisor courses

There are plenty of courses available online. Encourage your staff to undertake a course, and build knowledge throughout your workplace.